Welcome to my Reborn Babys website. If you are a fan of reborn babys and indeed, if you have never seen them before, then I hope you will like this website. I hope you will agree that you will find the best guides, videos and more importantly the best prices so you get get some cheap reborn babys from places such as ebay, including supplies such as clothes, eyes and mohair.

What are reborn babys?

Reborn babys are a doll that has been taken apart and remade by an artist in an effort to make it look as real as possible. For some people, this is a bit too much and they do not like the realism that they see before them. Each to their own, but for many others they are a delight and many collectors are just as passionate about collecting reborn babys as they are about any other collectible hobby.

Are reborn babys really that lifelike?

Indeed, you must have some respect for these artist. If you are wondering if some of the photo's you seen while browsing this site are actually real babies then the chances are it is actually a reborn, which is a sign of a talented artist.

As a testament to their skills, there is a case some time back in Queensland, Australia that had the local police smash a car window so they could rescue the baby inside. Of course, it was a hot day so they were concerned that it was unconcious as it was not moving. It turns out it was actually a reborn baby! This isnt an isolated case either, there have been quite a few of these.


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